I am currently working on a project involving QR codes and a Raspberry Pi.

I have QR codes printed on business card size media. When the card is far enough away for the camera to see the whole code it was out of focus.

Luckily I had some cheap ($1.50) lenses that happen to have a 4.5″ focal length laying around from a previous project.  These worked perfectly for me as the distance from the card to the lens was ~4″. The nice thing about this mod is that it does not require modification of the original raspberry pi camera lens.

Before and After:



These worked perfectly. I am now able to reliably read the QR code using the zbarimg program from the repository.

sudo apt-get install zbar-tools

With this step out of the way I can get back to my project.

This is the first project that I am putting up using the Teensy 2.0 from PJRC

I am quickly becoming a super fan of the Teensy.  What used to take me days of coding and many hours of reading I can now do in minutes thanks to the work that PJRC has done with Teensydunio.

This is only the first of many projects that I will share based on the Teensy.

USB MIDI Servo Control In 23 Lines Of Code

Tonight I am working on a brainstorming tool which needs lists of movie titles.

The tool will eventually be able to generate movie titles based on which genre you are interested in. I made one of these back in the ‘day’ when I was wanting to make a horror movie. The title I came up with then from the brainstorm software was ‘Reanimation Vermin’. Which was a story about a mad man who identified with squirrels.

The tool I am making today will cover more genres and I will add the ability for you to give it a title and it will use Bayseian classifiers to say which genre your movie title would most likely belong to.

The most important thing I’ve learned today is which genres are most popular based on the wikipedia lists of movies entries. (Example: War Films)

11085 total
1960 horror.txt
1731 comedy.txt
1242 western.txt
1095 drama.txt
1011 noir.txt
921 sci-fi.txt
760 war.txt
523 action.txt
499 fantasy.txt
488 sports.txt
452 adventure.txt
303 disaster.txt
100 comedy_scifi.txt
I imagined horror would be #1. I was surprised that western was greater than drama.

header("Expires: Wed, 15 Aug 1984 20:30:00 GMT"); // Date in the past
header("Last-Modified: " . gmdate("D, d M Y H:i:s") . " GMT"); // always modified
header("Cache-Control: no-cache, must-revalidate"); // HTTP/1.1
header("Pragma: no-cache");
header(”Location: $URLTOSENDTO”);
<a href=”site/”>Enter Here</a>

Some interesting things have happened Since May of last year when I wrote the “Color Match” article.

  • If you do a google search right now for “Classical Art” the article comes up as the 7th natural link.
  • According to my logs over 400,000 people have seen the article.
  • People have posted blog articles about it at least 6 different languages.
  • The content of the article is now being heisted and put on “Scraper Sites” using tons of my bandwidth by hot-linking the photos.
  • I get great feedback from people using the technique.
  • I think the coolest thing about it is: Sometimes when I meet someone for the first time; they have already read my article.

These are some of the first photos I have ever released under Creative Commons Licenses

US Capitol

DAR - Memorial Continental Hall

Lincoln Memorial

The White House At Night

I have just posted my howto article about using classical art to make expert color corrections to photos.


Waiting For The Bats


Window looking out over the Aude valley in Château de Quéribus

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