Food and Drink

I just read a opinion article about how the USDA is blocking a company from testing its cows for BSE. Now why would they do this? Remember if you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to hide.

I would be interested in knowing what their reasoning for blocking this company from doing the testing is. Do they think that the test is not credible and they are trying to block it so that consumers will not be misled and think that this 'tested' beef is safe? Or are they afraid that the tests may show results that they are not happy with?

Unlike most americans I am really afraid of Mad Cow disease. Its just a phobia of mine…. losing my mind. There are very few diseases that scare me as much. 

I’m trying a new Pastis tonight.

In 2005 we went to southern France to the town of Collioure. While there I learned about a drink that is pretty popular in that area call Pastis. That night we bought a bottle of Ricard 45. I was hooked. I loved the strong flavor of it. I did not know how people drank it. My MIL told me that people usually mix it with cold water.

I took a glass and added 1.5 oz of Ricard and a few ice cubes. I watched the ice slowly melt into it. It turned cloudy. I was fascinated. Then I took my first sip. Wow! It was strong.

I’ve since learned that people usually mix it in about a 5:1 ratio of 5 water to 1 Pastis. I still cannot drink it at this ratio. I usually drink it at 1:1 or at most 2:1.

I’ve tried many of the brands available in Austin. Ricard, Pernod, Granier and Legendere. Tonight I’m trying one have have never seen before.

It’s made by Henri Bardouin and it’s just called ‘Pastis Liqueur – a pastis des provencaux’. The label says its a product of France and made in Provence.

Now of all the pastis I’ve tried I think Ricard 45 ranks as #1 best tasting followed by the Pernod. (I know they are made by the same company.) Herbsaint has the ‘best buzz’ and it happens to be the cheapest of the ones sold here.

This new one has a flavor that is closer to the Herbsaint than the Ricard. It turns a nice milky white color when mixed with water. (Each of the pastis have different colors. ie Herbsaint is greenish.) It seems to have a little more staying power for its after-taste. The anise dominates the taste; which is as it should be.

I will definitely add this one to my regular rotation.