This is an update to the Das Blinken Board from N&V June 2009. Der MagnetFelder uses a hall effect sensor to determine the relative strength and polar orientation of magnets.

Get the whole story in Nuts & Volts November 2009 and check out the website for the code.

Some tonemap and hdr images I did from Friday night’s DorkBot event.

Gator Girl


SanDraw Machine

Some interesting things have happened Since May of last year when I wrote the “Color Match” article.

  • If you do a google search right now for “Classical Art” the article comes up as the 7th natural link.
  • According to my logs over 400,000 people have seen the article.
  • People have posted blog articles about it at least 6 different languages.
  • The content of the article is now being heisted and put on “Scraper Sites” using tons of my bandwidth by hot-linking the photos.
  • I get great feedback from people using the technique.
  • I think the coolest thing about it is: Sometimes when I meet someone for the first time; they have already read my article.

These are some of the first photos I have ever released under Creative Commons Licenses

US Capitol

DAR - Memorial Continental Hall

Lincoln Memorial

The White House At Night

Some time ago I went on a glue buying freak-out. I needed glue for a particular project and realized that we were really understocked in general. So I went over to the office supply store and bought about 4 different kinds. They all have their uses but the one I keep finding new uses for is the “ELMER’S® Glue-All™” pens.

They seem to just contain the normal white glue but the real advantage of these things is the applicator tip. Just squeeze and out comes a drop of glue. I sometimes use the tip to help spread the glue around. I don’t have a caliper small enough to measure the inner diameter of the tip but it is about 1.5mm diameter.

Another thing that has impressed me about these pens is that I have had one ‘active’ for at least 3 months and it hasn’t dried out or clogged yet. The cap seems to make a really snug connection.

I haven’t tried it yet but the applicator tip unscrews from the pen part, so theoretically these things could be re-filled.

A pack of 4 cost me less than $1.50 and each pen holds 10.5mL of glue.

I have just posted my howto article about using classical art to make expert color corrections to photos.



Window looking out over the Aude valley in Château de Quéribus

Carcassonne Walk

This is a hdr tonemap from a single jpeg. As you can imagine heavy color manipulation and such.

Rennes-le-Château Tour Magdala

I have been going through my photos that I took in my 2005 trip to the Languedoc region of France. Looking for ones that could be improved by tone-mapping. This photo is one that I would have overlooked but it’s now rescued.

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