January 2009

To help get wildlife counts we have been using the SkyIPCam500W as a wildlife camera.

Since it is not an outdoor camera we built a weather housing.

Details on the camera:

The neat thing about this camera is that it has a built in web server. It has built in motion detection with triggers. Those triggers can be set to ftp a still to a server whenever its triggered. It also has a built in time trigger. So it is possible to say email or ftp a still every so often.

I wanted the server on my local network to poll the camera once per minute and save a photo for each day. I wrote shell scripts to do that. During my reasearch on the camera I found some special URLs that allow you to interact with the camera.

Some of special urls: (assuming everything is setup as the default)

To get one jpeg image from camera:
lynx -auth=admin:admin -source >image.jpg

To save the video stream:
lynx -source -auth=admin:admin >video.mjpeg

To change the brightness/contrast and osd:

wget –http-user=admin –http-passwd=admin “” -O /dev/null

I just posted the project page for my
Cheap Generic LED Sequencer that I designed for Professor Conrad.

It is based on the ATTiny84 Chip. But I’m sure it would work with the ATTiny44 or ATTiny24.

The neat thing about this one is I have 8 pre-programmed sequences and they are selectable by jumpers or switches.