Tonight I am working on a brainstorming tool which needs lists of movie titles.

The tool will eventually be able to generate movie titles based on which genre you are interested in. I made one of these back in the ‘day’ when I was wanting to make a horror movie. The title I came up with then from the brainstorm software was ‘Reanimation Vermin’. Which was a story about a mad man who identified with squirrels.

The tool I am making today will cover more genres and I will add the ability for you to give it a title and it will use Bayseian classifiers to say which genre your movie title would most likely belong to.

The most important thing I’ve learned today is which genres are most popular based on the wikipedia lists of movies entries. (Example: War Films)

11085 total
1960 horror.txt
1731 comedy.txt
1242 western.txt
1095 drama.txt
1011 noir.txt
921 sci-fi.txt
760 war.txt
523 action.txt
499 fantasy.txt
488 sports.txt
452 adventure.txt
303 disaster.txt
100 comedy_scifi.txt
I imagined horror would be #1. I was surprised that western was greater than drama.