February 2008

I am a huge fan of TiddlyWiki and use it all the time. This morning I wrote a quick utility in JavaScript to convert CSV to TiddlyWiki Table format.

I am releasing this code into the public domain. The main reason I am doing this is because I had problems finding a JavaScript CSV interpreter that was already public domain. Mine is quick easy and kinda bug free. //smile

Sure there are over 6 million places on the internet to check your IP Address. I’m sure I’ve written this app at least 7-8 times.

But this one is different. No mission creep. Just a plain minimalist way to find out: What is My IP Address?

Some interesting things have happened Since May of last year when I wrote the “Color Match” article.

  • If you do a google search right now for “Classical Art” the article comes up as the 7th natural link.
  • According to my logs over 400,000 people have seen the article.
  • People have posted blog articles about it at least 6 different languages.
  • The content of the article is now being heisted and put on “Scraper Sites” using tons of my bandwidth by hot-linking the photos.
  • I get great feedback from people using the technique.
  • I think the coolest thing about it is: Sometimes when I meet someone for the first time; they have already read my article.

These are some of the first photos I have ever released under Creative Commons Licenses

US Capitol

DAR - Memorial Continental Hall

Lincoln Memorial

The White House At Night