December 2007

For some reason I got the idea that importing my Firefox bookmarks.html into a TiddlyWiki would be a good idea. I know its just a .html file and that I could just open it in a text editor and paste it inside a TiddlyWiki tiddler and be done with it.

Deciding against the easy option, I decided to have the bookmarks.html file process its self by adding some JavaScript to it. After making a copy of my bookmarks.html file I added this code to the top of the file:


var theOutput="";

function run_me()







    myDiv.innerHTML="<textarea cols=\"80\" rows=\"20\">"+theOutput+"</textarea>";


function walkBookmarks(node)


    if (node.nodeName =="H3")


        theOutput +="!"+node.firstChild.nodeValue+"<br>\n";


    if (node.nodeName =="A")


        theURL = node.href;


        theOutput += "[["+theText+"|"+theURL+"]]<br>\n";


    if (node.childNodes != null)


        for (var i=0; i < node.childNodes.length; i++)







<div id="my_div">Working....</div>

And this code to the end of the file:

<script language="JavaScript">



Which will give wiki formatted text like this:

!Bookmarks Toolbar Folder<br>

[[ -|]]<br>


Works pretty nice.

My second attempt was to try using “rdf:bookmarks” as described in the RDF in Mozilla FAQ on the developer website. I really didn’t make much headway with this method. If I were to develop a plug-in for TiddlyWiki that works w/ Firefox’s built in bookmarks this would definitely be the way to go.

My third attempt was to use the ExternalTiddlersPlugin by Eric Shulman. Which allowed me to just put one line in a tiddler and have the bookmarks show up:

<<tiddler "file:///home/username/.mozilla/firefox/l3qbefb3.default/bookmarks.html">>

It almost worked. Since the bookmarks isn’t a really well formed html file it doesn’t come through the tiddly process very well. So I just added a couple lines of code to add around the file and it worked perfectly.

function my_textprocess(text)


    text = "<html>" + text + "</html>";

    return text;


With this method the links reflect the non editable nature of the real bookmarks from the TiddlyWiki.

In the end I’m not entirely satisfied with any of these methods. What I would like to make would be a plug-in to TiddlyWiki that will open the “rdf:bookmarks” interface. For each folder in the bookmarks it would create a new tiddler and under each tiddler would be the links. In addition to this I would like to add a Bookmarklet to add links to the wiki instead of the real bookmarks.


What would happen if you took a Capitalist economy and switched it to a form of “State Capitalism” overnight? It happened on Dec 10th 2007 in RuneScape the MMORPG. They made these massive changes to put an end to real world trading. People took to the streets rioting. Flooded the forums with post after post of opinions. Most expressing displeasure with the new changes. I had a different reaction. I watched for days as the new markets started to take effect and read tons of peoples opinions.

To me it was like watching a real economy with all its complexities in faster than real time. If it was only a simplified game version of an economy. I watched people who were disillusioned with the government emigrate. I watched prices on some items fall as people panicked and flooded the market with goods. Now as time has gone on I have seen certain markets stabilize and some dry up completely.

One of the best articles I have read about the shift in the economy was the TruthScape Special Reports – Understanding and Surviving the RuneScape Market Crash of 2007 by Charles M. Kozierok. A 6 page article that does a really good job of comparing and contrasting the RuneScape economy to real world economies.

Have their efforts to stop gold farming and real world trading worked? I don’t know. There do seem to be substantially less people online and I have yet to see anyone resembling a bot or gold farmer.

I personally like the new changes. They have reduced the amount of “noise” in the cities and have cut down on the scarcity of some resources.