April 2007

Waiting For The Bats


Window looking out over the Aude valley in Château de Quéribus

Carcassonne Walk

This is a hdr tonemap from a single jpeg. As you can imagine heavy color manipulation and such.

Rennes-le-Château Tour Magdala

I have been going through my photos that I took in my 2005 trip to the Languedoc region of France. Looking for ones that could be improved by tone-mapping. This photo is one that I would have overlooked but it’s now rescued.


Tomb in Cathédrale St-Just-et-St-Pasteur Narbonne France

These are all photos that were taken back in early 2006 in Paris. This was before I really knew about he potentials of HDR tonemapping. Here I used a technique where I convert a normal Jpeg to a 32bit image then do tone mapping.

Les Halles
Les Halles

Palais De Justice
Palais De Justice

La Madeleine
La Madeleine

Square du Temple
Square du Temple

Still life of some $ store terracotta warriors. Lit with led flashlights.

Image is a HDR Tonemap of 3 photos. With some color correction.

Terracotta Warriors

I am starting a new series of photos.

The idea is to make macabre still life photos. Using sculpture, HDR-Tonemapping, and color manipulation.

Here is my first try:

This is a highly processed photo of a sculpture that I made using copper wire, clay, plaster, and acrylic paint.

It does not seem like I will for a while. I have posted a new HDR. This time I posted it to photosig.com where people can leave feedback and criticism.

I have updated my gallery with some HDR’s of the filling station and the intel building.

Flickr Gallery

Intel Building after being demolished