July 2006

I am launching a new site today called POP Rage! The idea is that every day we will cover one and only one topic that is related to Internet Pop Culture and news. One day the site may cover a what's happening in the news, the next it may cover the latest viral video, or the hottest whatever on the net. The philosophy is that a user can come to the site and with 30 seconds know what thier friends are going to be talking about today and hopefully be better informed on the topic.

I am working with a team of really talented writers who take care of the articles which gives me time to focus on the backend. I did the backend software in PHP5 and mySQL.  It's complete custom software that is designed to handle the philosophy of 'one and only one topic' each day. There is a commenting system that allows users to post thier feedback on the article and hopefully contribute intellegent discussion on the topic. I have also implemented a comment ranking system in JavaScript. This allows people to tag comments as good/bad as they are reading without having to leave the thread.

 So we needed a weight rack to hold our standard weights. Here is what we came up with:


So, I've gotten into another game. This one is called RuneScape. It is played in a browser with Java enabled. That means it will run on just about any machine. It has some pretty low requirements hardware wise. So it works on my older linux boxes.

RuneScape is a MMORPG. I have been playing on server #38 for a couple days now. Which usually has about 350-900 people on at any given time.

This game is very mud like. You can make money by going around killing or through trade. I've been working on my fishing skills. I'm at level 24 on fishing.

One of the things I like about it is that it is classless. That is you don't pick a character who is a mage or warrior or whatever. Instead it is skills based. If you want to be a better fighter then go practice fighting, a mage then practice magic.

There is a free version and a pay version. The free version is the same as the pay except you are limited to only about 1/3 of the total map of the world and certain quests are available only for members. The membership is only $5 a month so not too bad.