June 2006

Here are some of the JavaScript resources I have been using to write the accounting software.

Hello my name is Jacques.

I haven't played on a MUD for at least 6-8 years. This weekend I decided to give it a try again. Searching around the net I found one that looked pretty interesting. Its called AVATAR MUD.

What attracted me to this one is that there seemed to be a good crowd on it and it feels similar to a mud I used to play back in the 90's. That one wall called EPIC. It was a DikuMUD .  (I wonder if the code for that mud exists somewhere. I have lots of memories from it.)

 Playing a mud is super simple. Its text based. All you need is a telnet client (built into just about every operating system) or there are tons of java browser based clients.

I am still working on the bookkeeping software. Its coming along nicely. I still don't know how it will fare after an accountant looks at it. But we will see. I should have a alpha. RSN.

Currently I am working on a Javascript packacge for doing double entry book-keeping . Inspired by TiddlyWiki, I figured it should be pretty easy to write one. Well its quite tricky. Some problems I've run into so far are things like this: In javascript sometimes when you say a=1; b=1; c=a+b; you may end up with c being equal to "11" or to "2". There are ways around it of course but imagine trying to hunt down a bug like that.

Then of course it would be helpful if I really understood accounting. Credit – Debit? It is hard to keep the two straight. As far as I can tell a credit is money being received and a debit is money being spent. Of course I've read a couple books and can fake my way through using a spreadsheet.

I will probably release a sneak peek at the alpha version soon. Just so that other people can see what I have going on. I plan on having a CPA look it over before I release the beta. 

One of the things that I pan to have in the app will be CSV. Right now all the data is stored as CSV. I have it writing to separate files right now. Soon I will try to integrate the TiddlyWiki idea into it. That is have it save the data within the application file its self. But I will still stick with the CSV idea. I think its important that the data be easily exportable to a spreadsheet.

Overview of RLC model alpha 01

I have my my first alpha version of the Rennes-Le-Chateau model . It is pretty incomplete. There are no roofs or second stories yet. I haven't found anything that has precise measurments yet so all of this come from the measurements of a book called Clef du royaume des morts by Alain Féral. I am trying to use my photos to supplement the data from the book.

The idea is to eventually have the entire layout of the place both as it is now and as it was during Suniere's time. I have decided to build the model in Google Sketchup because its really easy to work with it.